Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dragons and Old Souls and other such assorted stuff

So feeling quite worn down today, perhaps a flu bug of sorts or something else equally as draining yet relatively harmless, I spent some time on facebook. Being the immense timesucking entity it is there are tons and tons of inane distractions available on facebook. i try to avoid the truly retarded ones like, how Michigan are you or what type of peanut butter are you or whatever ridiculous bullshit people try to pass off as interesting. But now and then there are some little quizzes that peak my interest. There has been the which disney pixar character are you(wall-e) which psychological disorder are you (ADHD) and a few others but today i came across two that made me feel kinda good. First, which mythical creature are you. turns out I'm a dragon, and having a personal high regard for dragons and what they represent it made me feel pretty good! not only ferociousness and great strength but great wisdom and respect. things i value greatly. the next was how old a soul are you. turns out I'm a very old soul, alot of been there done that jokes come to mind but someone who truly believes in this sort of thing definitely put some heartfelt effort into this quiz (that's my opinion anyway). it helped me realize why i do some of the things i do, and if it's true it does explain how i know some of the things i know. all in all a (if nothing else superficially)somewhat enlightening experience.

Till later



Monday, March 23, 2009

New Philosophy

And my new philosophy is " It's not what you can buy, but what you can build that matters" I just read this, and what a cool statement. I mean anyone can put time in at a job they don't like and BUY whatever, but to build something that's exactly what you want is about the most gratifying thing you can do. At least it's been that way in my experience.
Having been a builder type all my life, starting with LEGO (the greatest toy in the world) at a young age and progressing through nearly every other building material out there ( i think concrete and plastic are the only things I don't have a whole lot of experience with) I can honestly say, Yes it is better to build your own than buy someone elses.
That goes for anything, homes, vehicles, decorations, relationships, kids,whatever.It's worth the effort to make your own.

Till later

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My world.

Just found this and wanted to share it, mostly put it somwhere cool for me to look at later though.
Free schooling.
it's kinda neat how this stuff comes to me at random times.

Friday, March 13, 2009

New Word

The word of the day/week/month is"THUMPITUDE".
a level of thumpitude is displayed here.
Now as some of you might already know, I'm a big fan of the more gracefull styles of martial arts such as tai chi, baguazhang, and the likes but these are mostly good for training. Training balance, flowing one technique into the next, smoothly transfering from one move into the next, kinda like the way an avalanch flows down a mountain. It rolls and flows over itself, adjusts to the contour of the mountain and pretty much decimates everything in it's path. Not a bad analogy for martial arts in my opinion.
I know that fighting isn't civalized or pretty or predictable. I can make it gracefull and balanced and flowing though. I mean why not. it's my life on the line why not make my version of thumpitude a little mor gracefull than..than that drunk chick on the dance floor at the bar that one weekend, you know the one she couldn't even walk but man she could dance, right off the floor and into the speaker tower ending her manouver under the table. Round of applause for Lisa (every bar in the world has a drunk skanky woman passed out under a table named Lisa. come on everyone knows that)
That was a little off topic. Back to my point, I have a unique situation whereas I have studied Kung-fu ( Which litterally means HARD WORK! ok hard work over time to develop skill. Not some foofy dancy fighting style that only works if your 5'1" and 95lbs) with some very experienced teachers, military types and such. There Kung-fu looked less like Bruce Lee and more like these guys. there is definately a degree of Thumpitude in the flow of what they tought me.
So remember kids, the word is "Thumpitude"

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

it's so greecy

So I watched Mama Mia! a few weeks ago, the musical based on the music of ABBA. After watching this surprisingly entertaining piece of work I came to two conclusions; First, Pierce Brosnan should never sing, and Second, I need to go to Greece. The weather, the culture, the history. All good things in my opinion.
After coming to this revelation and sharing it with no one my darling
Wonder Woman tells me that there is a charity marathon to be held in, you guessed it, Greece. In November no less, a great time to get away from some Sackscratchewan weather. The charity is diabetes and the amount needed is about $6,000.00 , and not to mention the ability to RUN a marathon.(not walk, not ride a bike, not drive drinking a Slurpee with the air conditioning on listening to your favorite "jam" on the radio. RUN)
Fund raising for a cause like diabetes is a noble affair all on it's own, and training to be able to run a marathon would definitely be a big boost to my, I can do anything, factor. throw in the fact that I could get to go to Greece in the beginning of winter and I think I have found something to drive me, physically, spiritually, and sexually.( I mean come on, being able to run a marathon and taking a vacation at the same time, as if my wife isn't gonna have a bit of an uncomfortable tingle on the plane ride home. I AM THOR, "your thor, I can't even pith")
I'm bracing myself for all the "you gotta be nut's" and "you'll never do it" comments. And personally all who think that way can righteously KISS MY ARSE!
Running a marathon is a great goal to set, I'm not planning on winning the thing, I just want to finish without stopping. That'd be cool!

Till Later

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

OH my GOD! Where have I been?

WELL! two months and three day. That's how bloggaliffic I am. but like the profile says it's not the size of the helmut, it's what's in it that matters.

I have officially become a professional weldor in the first degree (that's a level one apprentice for those who arn't sure what I mean) six months of training and not even one day missed. AND didn't have to wait to get a job either. my work practicum employer hired me before my two week work evaluation was over!

Yea I kinda kick ass.

Now I want to get a welder for myself, perhaps something like this.
and a torch setup, something like this. Then I'll be in business, literally.

I could write about how awsome my wife is but since she's sitting right here to make her crazy I won't!

Her usefull tips on grammer and spellelening are MY FAVORITE!!!

that's about it fer now OH MY FRICKEN GOD MY WIFE'S INSANE.

I LOVE HER REGARDLESS, that kinda makes me insane as well i guess

till later


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy new year

YAY, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2009 is here and people seem to think it's a new beginning, another chance to get their proverbial shit together. Unfortunately yesterday 2008 looks exactly the same as today2009. the changing of a number on a calender doesn't really signify a great new spiritual start or re awakening or new beginning or chance to start again.
Whatever it may be. A diet, exercise routine, relationship commitment, financial goal, whatever. You don't need a new year to do any of those things, you just need to do it. Get off your ass and do it, anytime.
I heard once that your fate is set, the time you spend on this planet is already decided, you have no control over that. What you do have control over is how you spend that time. The scale of your life is set so being a coward serves no one.
So, with that in mind, BEGIN! whatever it is, take the step on your journey whenever you feel brave enough, or even when you don't. Do it 'cause being a coward serves no one!
Whatever that thing may be, make sure it's something you WANT to do, not something you think you "should" do. I've found that whenever the word "should" pops into your head it always sounds like someone elses voice. Like someone telling you to call them, and then you tell yourself , "I SHOULD call them" when you know in your gut nothing will be gained, and in your head no good will come from talking to them, but the should pressure is there.
So again make sure you do what is best for you, not selfish, just best for you.
And if your start fizzles, start again. you don't need a reason, or special date, or traumatic experience to begin anything, just begin, quit whining and get on with it.

until later